Something for the Soul

Dear Reader (do I sound like the Bridgerton narrator? No? But then again you can’t hear the words.. or can you?)

It’s been almost 4 years since my dad passed (18/07/2017). 3 months and 17 days after he walked me down the aisle. I can still here his voice, his laughter, his terrible dad jokes and how he would always introduce us and announce our age (it drove my brother and I crazy). Now I reminisce.

My dad was an emotional man, and that’s rare for a black man where I’m from. Extremely rare. He cried as he walked me down the aisles (i say aisles because we signed the marriage certificate days before the wedding party), he cried as I signed the certificate, he cried as I dance with my husband. I did not shed a tear during all this…lol. I am my mother’s child, and tears don’t come easily😂. I like to think about the good times I had with my dad, the dancing, the jokes and the fact that he cooked for us almost every Sunday (again very rare where I come from). Such memories make thinking of him so much easier. What helps you cope with the death of a loved one?

On a lighter note, my husband said our daughter will not get married…. Uuuhhmmm, did he not see my dad cry?

I want grandkids in the very distant future 😬

A little about me


My name is Taonga, dailytaongaj (in a James Bond voice) AAannndddd welcome to my blog.

It’s about time I wrote my first blog post, the site has been up for a couple of months now. I’ve constantly shied away from being in the spotlight BUTTTT it ends today.

I hope I can be a home to many people. I hope people can relate to my post as I navigate through life (I’m currently 26. Adulting is HARD). I will talk about any thing and everything. This already sounds like a public journal… okay, okay let’s narrow it down to a couple of things I like… BOOKS! BOOKS!! BOOKS!!! You’ll definitely find a couple of reviews (like how I’m only now reading the stormlight archives and in awe of Brandon Sanderson’s mad writing skills. His storytelling is amaZING). I could go on and on but since my baby is napping I should be really quick because this gal needs her nap too (even at 1 year 9 months my body still hasn’t adapted to motherhood).

My family and I recently moved to our very own place. It’s what I would call the country side if we lived in a developed nation. It’s not big at all but it’s big enough for a garden that can bring in a couple of kwachas (can you guess my country?) So journey with me as we learn about farming (I know nothing and I’m scared of living things… humans inclusive).

I will definitely add my brother’s amazing photos because he has no idea how beautiful they are and the world needs to see. Also, I think rock music isn’t appreciated enough.

Let’s get blogging…

I can’t wait to look back and laugh at this post and think about how I would’ve come.